Current Budget

2020 Operating and Capital Budgets

In November 2019, Council received presentations from staff and external groups outlining 2020 budget requests, including the 2020 utility rates. 

Capital Budget

At the last meeting in December 2019, Council approved several capital budget items for 2020. Early approval of capital projects allows staff to go to tender and secure better contracts for the Municipality. A list of approved projects is available through the Council Highlights, and Agendas and Minutes

The remaining capital projects (the ones that have been placed in the "parking lot") will continue to be discussed until they are approved, deferred or denied for 2020. 

Utility Rates

At the first meeting in January, Council gave final reading to the Utility Rates Bylaw. Municipal utilities (water, sewer, garbage and recycling) are based on a cost-recovery model where users cover the entire cost of the services provided (including capital improvements) through user fees. Details on approved increases are available in the January 7, 2020 Council Highlights

Operating Budget

Discussions on the operating budget continue into the new year, until a final operating budget is approved in the spring. Approval of the operating budget is followed by a Tax Rate Bylaw, which confirms how much taxes the Municipality must collect in a given year. 

Departmental presentations on the operating budget are ongoing. Council Highlights and Agendas and Minutes present the latest information. 

2019 Approved Budget

Council approved the 2019 Operating Budget in the amount of $25M, with $7.98M to be levied from local taxpayers, representing a 4.75% increase from the 2018 budget.  

The 2019 budget continues to support the Municipality's commitment to asset management, while recognizing the numerous fiscal constraints placed on Jasper residents and business owners. This year's budget includes the first year of debenture (borrowing) repayment for the relocation and upgrade of the Jasper Arena ice plant and condenser.