In case of a natural disaster or an accidental hazardous material release, partial or full evacuations of the Jasper town site and outlying area may be necessary.

How will I know the town is being evacuated?

Evacuation Alert
If the situation allows, emergency personnel will issue an Evacuation Alert, informing the public to prepare to evacuate. The information will be broadcast through the Alberta Emergency Alert, local media and the Jasper Emergency Information Hotline at 780-852-3311.

Evacuation Order
Depending on the nature of the situation, there may be little or no time to notify the public, and authorities may issue an Evacuation Order immediately. The information will be broadcast through the same channels as an Alert, and law enforcement personnel (RCMP, fire brigade, wardens, bylaw officers) will be enforcing the Evacuation Order in the affected area.

If the public's current location is the safest place to be, authorities may direct people to shelter-in-place.

Consult the Municipality of Jasper Evacuation Guidelines for details.

Be prepared

In either circumstance, the public should:

  • Alert family members immediately;
  • Maintain constant knowledge of whereabouts of all family members;
  • Keep at least half a tank of fuel in private vehicles;
  • Have an Emergency Kit ready;
  • Secure or prepare to secure your home on departure.

What to bring with you

Consult the Jasper Emergency Guide or the 72-Hour Emergency Guide for complete lists of what to include in an Emergency Kit. Basics of an Emergency Kit include:

  • Clothing appropriate to the weather conditions - parka, winter jacket, overcoat, rain gear, boots, gloves, etc. and extra functional clothing for an extended stay;
  • Emergency equipment - first aid kit, flashlights, portable radio, batteries, basic tools, matches, candles, etc.;
  • Personal items - medicine, money, personal papers, identification, etc.;
  • Emergency food and water - basic utensils, dry foods, high energy snacks, etc.;
  • Prohibited items - do no take alcoholic beverages, firearms, or dangerous articles with you.