Council Highlights

Municipality of Jasper Council Highlights summarize decisions and issues from regular Council meetings. For a more detailed account of Council meetings check the Agendas & Minutes

October 15, 2019

Evergreens Foundation

Council received a presentation from Kristen Chambers, Chief Administrative Officer for the Evergreens Foundation, which provides affordable housing options for seniors in the region including Jasper’s Alpine Summit Seniors Lodge. Ms. Chambers highlighted that the property tax requisition for the Evergreens Foundation supports seniors lodge-type accommodations only, while other programs like rent subsidies and other accommodation facilities (such as Pine Grove Manor) are funded through other sources of funding, including provincial dollars. Detailed documentation on the Evergreens Foundation is available in the October 15, 2019 agenda.

Department Reports – Culture and Recreation

Work is ongoing at the Jasper Aquatic Centre, where the waterslide and stairs are being removed and other mechanical upgrades are taking place. The project is currently on schedule.

Department Reports – Community and Family Services

Wildflowers Childcare’s agreement with the provincial government to provide $25 a day childcare to Jasper families is set to expire on March 20, 2020. While no formal announcements have been made by the Provincial Government on whether the program will continue or not, municipal staff are preparing for rates to return to pre-subsidy levels next spring unless a new announcement regarding this grant program is made. These financial projections will be included in the 2020 operating budget and families using the service should prepare for the potential change in childcare rates.

Borrowing Bylaws

Council gave third and final reading to the Recreation Complex Renovation Phase 1 Borrowing Bylaw and the Wastewater Treatment Plant Borrowing Bylaw. The two bylaws enable the Municipality of Jasper to borrow funds from the Alberta Capital Finance Authority to fund needed renovations and upgrades to municipal facilities. A complete list of items funded under the two bylaws is available below in the October 1, 2019 Council Highlights. 

October 1, 2019

Mutlipurpose Hall Updates 

Council approved the expenditure of $50,000 for the Multipurpose Hall moveable wall and ceiling tile replacement project. Earlier this year, the old Multipurpose Hall floor was removed and replaced with a new, more durable and more eco-friendly to maintain surface. This project came in under budget, allowing for the remaining funding to be re-directed to the moveable wall and ceiling tiles project, which was originally scheduled to take place in 2020. 

Procurement Policy Update 

Council approved a new Procurement Policy for the Municipality of Jasper, a document which outlines the steps municipal staff must take to purchase goods, services and construction. The policy was updated to meet current trade agreement requirements and provide greater clarity on the municipal purchasing process for staff and the public. 

Recreation Complex Renovation and Wastewater Treatment Plant Borrowing Bylaws 

Council gave second reading to the Recreation Complex Renovation Phase 1 Borrowing Bylaw (#219) and the Wastewater Treatment Plant Borrowing Bylaw (#220). After receiving third and final reading, the bylaws will allow Administration to incur debt with the Alberta Capital Finance Authority to finance projects approved during the 2019 capital budget process. Funds are slated to be expended as follows*:

Recreation Complex Debenture 2019

WWTP Debenture 2019

*Dollar values for each project may vary depending on what grant funding becomes available. Municipal funds are maximized through accessing available grants.

September 17, 2019

Council sets borrowing terms for the Recreation Complex renovation and the WWTP renovation 

Council approved 15-year borrowing terms for both the Recreation Complex renovation (Phase 1) debenture and the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) renovation debenture. Other proposed borrowing terms were 20 and 25 years. Council chose the shorter terms to reflect the life expectancy of individual infrastructure components associated with each project.

View a list of items covered by the debentures.

Boiler repairs for the Jasper Fitness and Aquatic Centre 

Council approved the expenditure of $50,000 from reserves for repairs to a boiler at the Jasper Fitness and Aquatic Centre. Earlier this month, staff noticed there was a failure of the heat exchanger in one of the boilers. Without repairs to this boiler, the Jasper Fitness and Aquatic Centre would not be able to maintain consistent building and pool temperatures throughout the colder months.  

Possible changes for Bylaw Enforcement staff 

Council discussed the possibility of new training for the Municipality’s Bylaw Enforcement Officers to become Community Peace Officer (CPO) Level 1– which is a higher level of certification than the CPO Level 2 designation Jasper’s Bylaw Enforcement Services Staff currently hold.

Following a CPO Level 2 fatality in the Municipal District of Foothills in 2012, the Alberta Solicitor General is making mandatory changes to the provincial Peace Officer Program. All CPOs will now have to be trained, qualified and equipped as CPO Level 1 or become Municipal Compliance Officers (MCO).

Administration and Council discussed staff safety being the main factor, secondary is the desired service level which could remain as is with the CPO Level1 designation, or be reduced to an MCO service.

Council will discuss this item further at an upcoming committee of the whole meeting.

September 3, 2019

Council Signs the Violence Threat Risk Assessment and Intervention Protocol 

In support of community health and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships, Council agreed to sign the West Yellowhead Community Violence Threat Risk Assessment and Intervention Protocol. The protocol was developed by Grande Yellow Public School Division to ensure a collaborative response to community and school safety. 

Protocol partners agree to work together for the common goal of threat reduction by proactively sharing information, advice and support that assists in the prevention of a potential traumatic event. 

Cancelled: September 10 Committee of Whole Meeting 

Council cancelled its September 10 Committee of the Whole Meeting in order to focus on a Council and Management training session scheduled for the same day. The training session aims to foster enhanced Council-Staff relationships, as outlined in Council’s Strategic Priorities.

August 20, 2019

Operations Department Capital Budget

Following recommendations from the Director of Operations, Council agreed to cancel previously approved capital funding and reallocate the money to purchase better suited equipment for municipal service delivery. Council approved the purchase of a snow blower ($120K), which is expected to increase efficiencies and decrease costs for snow removal. Following a trial last winter, Operations staff noted that three to five times more snow per truck can be hauled when the snow is compacted using a snow blower.

Council also approved $48K to support the purchase a snow plow truck with a brine applicator and salt management technology; $34K to buy out two leased trucks; $70K for a new Toolcat – a small, multi-use machine that is compatible with current Bobcat attachments (brooms, plows, etc.); and $120K for asphalt repairs in areas that need it the most.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Capital Request 

Council approved a project budget of $650,000 to repair the Jasper Waste Water Treatment Plant’s primary clarifier, a treatment tank where solid materials are mechanically removed from the effluent. The project will be funded from within the $2.2M capital budget Council approved for the Waste Water Treatment Plant earlier this year.

Borrowing Bylaws

Council gave first reading to the Jasper Recreation Complex Renovation Borrowing Bylaw ($3.4M) and the Waste Water Treatment Plant Borrowing Bylaw ($2.2M).

During the 2019 capital budget process, Council approved a $3.7 million budget for the relocation of the Jasper Arena ammonia plant and related improvements, and a $2.2 million budget for necessary repairs at the Jasper Waste Water Treatment Plant. The Municipality has to borrow to finance these projects, which must be approved by bylaw. Following first reading, the Municipality must advertise the proposed bylaws to the public, who has the opportunity to review the bylaw and file a petition opposing the proposal.

All municipal bylaws must be read three times and receive certification from Parks Canada before being enacted.

Taxation of Hostelling International Property

Council passed Bylaw #218 – the Taxation of Hostelling International Property Bylaw.

According to the Municipal Government Act, Hostelling International (HI) properties are exempt from property taxes unless Council passes a bylaw to make the property subject to taxation. The passing of Bylaw #218 means the Hostelling International property, located on Sleepy Hollow Road, will be subject to taxes starting Aug. 20, 2020, unless Council and HI reach an agreement in lieu of taxes within the next calendar year.