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Business Licence Application Form

Business Licence Renewal Form

How to pay for your Business Licence

Business Licenses Expire March 31. 

Prior to paying for your licence renewal, you must submit your current liability insurance by email to, fax to 780 852 4019, or mail to Box 520 Jasper, Alberta T0E 1E0. 

Please note: You do not have to wait until March to send your Liability Insurance.  You can send an up to date copy as soon as it expires (anytime of the year) and be ahead of the game for following year.  If you have a business licence for a Private Home Accommodation (PHA) or Bed and Breakfast, please ensure that your current membership fees to the Jasper Home Accommodation Association (JHAA) are paid.

Once we have received documentation of liability insurance, you can pay for your business licence the following ways: 

  • Call the office with a credit card number @ (780) 852-3356. (We accept Visa or MasterCard),
  • Send a cheque in the mail to: Municipality of Jasper P.O. Box 520 Jasper, Alberta T0E 1E0, or 
  • Send an e-transfer to:

**All forms of payment must include the Business licence number as reference**

Applying for a new business licence?

Business Licence Process Brochure:

Before any business licence is issued, applicants must contact Parks Canada

  • Businesses operating within the town boundary need a business licence from the Municipality of Jasper. Apply online or pick up an application at the municipal Administration Office, located at 303 Pyramid Lake Rd.
  • Municipality of Jasper business licence fees are a flat rate of $165. 
  • Businesses operating outside the town boundary need a business licence from Parks Canada. 
  • Businesses operating in both jurisdictions (i.e. taxis, contractors, guiding companies) need both a Parks Canada and a municipal business licence.

Renewing your business licence?

Municipality of Jasper business licences must be renewed every year on
 April 1.  The Municipality will send an invoice in early March.

  • To renew your licence you must provide a current copy of your liability insurance and proceed with payment by contacting the municipal Administration Office at 780-852-3356, by, or drop in. The office is located at 303 Pyramid Lake Rd. 
  • The municipal renewal fee is $165. 
  • For businesses operating in both jurisdictions, you will need to renew both licences. Parks Canada business licence renewal information is available on its website

Changes to your business information? 

  • For changes to your business name, address, incorporation number, etc., you must complete the online application form and attach all relevant documentation, or pick up a form at the municipal Administration Office, located at 303 Pyramid Lake Rd.
  • Changes to the nature of your business may require you to start from the beginning of the business licence application process with Parks Canada. 


Please see the Town of Jasper Business Licensing Bylaw #110 or contact the municipal Administration Office at 780-852-3356 or by