Sidewalk Seating & Retail Extensions

Applications are now open

Businesses in the central business district can apply for a permit to expand their food and beverage or retail areas into the parking lane and on municipal sidewalks from May 1 to October 24 annually. 

For 2022, the Municipality of Jasper is offering fast-tracked approvals for sidewalk seating installations that remain unchanged from 2021. Multi-year permits are also available, subject to different conditions. 

Download and review the following documents for more information: 

Please read both carefully before submitting by email to the Bylaw Department. 

Program Fees

The sidewalk seating fees for 2022 are set as follows: 

  • $100 application fee
  • $825 per parking stall for installations using the parking lane (subject to a fee increase to $1,650 in 2023)
  • $25 per seat for installations using the sidewalk for seating

Both the "per stall" and the "per seat" fee apply for installations using the parking lane and the sidewalk. 

Appeal Process

If you wish to appeal a decision on an application being refused or a permit being revoked or suspended, you can appeal the decision, in writing, to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) within 10 days of the permit refusal, revocation or suspension. 

If you wish to appeal the parameters of the 2022 Sidewalk Seating and Retail Extension program, your request for review should also be directed to the CAO in writing. Appeals of this nature will be presented to Mayor and Council for review. 

Details of the appeal process are outlined in section 8 of the Commercial Use of Public Space Bylaw (#193).

Appeals should be sent to, or addressed to the CAO and sent to PO Box 520, Jasper, AB  T0E 1E0. 


Please email the Bylaw Department at or call 780-852-5514. 

Other related documents

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