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Work for the Municipality of Jasper: Find current employment opportunities on our job board and sign up to receive notifications for new job listings. 

The Jasper Employment and Education Centre (JEEC) is a not-for-profit service that offer services including:

  • An in-person Job-Board with current opportunities 
  • Job searching, Resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation with a career coach.
  • ProServe, Sell Safe, Food Safe and First Aid Course certifications
  • Work experience 
  • Customized Service and support to assist people with disabilities or health conditions succeed in the workplace. 
  • Employment Insurance (EI) Applications or questions
  • Employment skills related and English language training and courses.
  • Information on workers rights and labour laws.

Visit the Jasper Employment & Education Centre website for opening hours and more information.

Location: 631 Patricia St.
Phone: 780-852-4418

Workers rights

If you have questions about your workplace rights or a specific situation you can contact the services or read more below: 

Alberta Employment Standards: Toll Free: 1-877-427-3731

Jasper Settlement Services: 780 852 2100 (link to Settlement services page)

Jasper Employment and Education: 780-852-4418

Protected rights that you have as an employee:

  • Your employer must pay you for at least 3 hours of work – even if you were sent home early because there was not enough work to do.
  • You have the right to (and should) refuse any work that is unsafe.
  • Your employer can’t take money from your pay cheque for broken items or shortages at the cash register.
  • You have the right to be free from discrimination at work.
  • You cannot be fired for requesting something that you are entitled to or for making a complaint under the Employment Standards Code, Occupational Health and Safety Act or Alberta Human Rights Act.

Workplace Discrimination:

Canadian law protects you from physical or mental injury and discrimination at work. The laws also protect you from being fired or punished for reporting an employer.


If you work for an employer where there is a union, there may be other benefits you are entitled to through your union agreement. Ask a colleague, your employer or the human resources department if you are a unionized employee and for a copy of your agreement.

Learn more about worker's rights in Alberta: