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Check out the Community Calendar to stay up to date on activities and programs offered at the Aquatic Centre. 

There will be pool closures on the 9th and 16th of August from 1:00PM - 1:30PM for programming. 

September 5th holiday hours will be: Recreational Swim from 2:30PM - 8PM and Lane Swim from 8PM - 9PM

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  • 25 metre pool 
  • Wading pool 
  • Waterslide 
  • Hot tub
  • Steam room 



Our pool is 25 metres in length and ranges from 1.2 metres to 4.5 metres in depth, with six lanes available during lane swim time and one lane during our recreational swim.

Wading Pool: 

The wading pool is between five centimetres and one metre deep, for children ages 0-5. The pool has boats, balls and water toys that make for a fun and social introduction to water safety. We use this pool to teach our parent and tot swimming classes. Check out the Community Calendar to stay up to date on programming. 

Water slide: 

The water slide was installed in 2019. Some of our clients that are rehabilitating from injuries also use the catch pool to stretch and do exercises. 


Download the PDF of our swimming lessons schedule for July - August 2022. 

Image displaying the schedule for swimming lessons.

Facility Swim Test and Rules

To maximize the safety of everyone at the Jasper Aquatic Centre, we have implemented a ‘Facility Swim Test.’

What is the Facility Swim Test?  

Our Facility Swim Test consists of three components that need to be completed: 

  • enter the pool unassisted, 
  • swim one length of the 25 metre pool (any stroke or a mix of multiple strokes is allowed); and
  • tread water for 30 seconds. 

Once a child ages 6+ completes the Facility Swim Test, their name is added to our list and they no longer need a guardian with them in the water.   

Rules and age restrictions:

  • Children ages 5 and under are always required to have a guardian (age 14+) with them in the water within arm’s reach, regardless of whether they have passed the Facility Swim Test. 
  • Children ages 6-7 who have passed the Facility Swim Test can swim on their own, but still require a guardian (age 14+) who is within the facility (can be either at the Aquatic Centre, or at the Fitness Centre).
  • Children 8 years of age and older who have passed their Facility Swim Test may visit the Aquatic Centre and swim on their own without a guardian present. 
  • Children of any age who are still working towards passing their Facility Swim Test need to have a guardian (age 14+) with them in the water within arm’s reach.