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Public Engagement

Share your opinion through public engagement. Your feedback helps municipal Council to make decisions about what will happen in our community. 

  • The Municipality of Jasper wants to make it easy to provide meaningful input. Your input will assist local decision-making. Engage Jasper is an online portal that requires one-time registration. This new online portal will allow us to hear from you, on issues that affect you. The Municipality of Jasper values your input. Your voices make Jasper healthier. Please register with Engage Jasper to have your say.
  • We have ongoing public engagement called Community Conversations where people get together each month to discuss all sorts of things affecting the community and the people who live here.

  • We also want to hear from you on specific topics through the use of surveys. The Have your say! page lists these survey links. The OPEN surveys are ones where you can still fill the survey out. The CLOSED survey links contain the results of the survey and how the input will be used.  

If you would like to share your input, you can always write to Council or attend a Community Conversation.