Voting in Canada

Government in Canada

There are 3 levels of government in Canada: Municipal (Jasper), Provincial (Alberta), and Federal (Canada). 

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You will learn about the three levels of government in Canada and how you can be part of the process. 

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You will learn how democracy functions in Canada, and how you can be part of the process. 


Your vote counts! If you are able, vote in Federal, Provincial and Municipal elections. Learn how below! 

To vote in a Federal, Provincial or Municipal election, you must:

  • be a Canadian Citizen
  • be at least 18 years old on election day 
  • prove your identity and address
  • be registered to vote

Next Federal Election: October 21, 2023

First step: register to vote

If you are already registered, you should receive a voter information card in the mail. Your voter information card tells you where and how to vote.

If you do not have your voter information card you can register to vote two ways:

1) Online: Click to register online.

2) In person: On election day or at an advance polling station. You will need to bring: 

  • your identification (ID) 
  • proof of your physical address 

You cannot use ID that only lists a mailing address (PO Box, rural route, or general delivery) to register. Learn what types of ID you can use

How to Vote in a Federal Election:

There are 4 ways to vote:

·         In person on election day

·         In person at an advance polling station

·         Vote by mail

·         Vote at an Elections Canada office


Read more about how to vote in the next federal Election on the Elections Canada page! 

Next Provincial Election: May 29, 2023

You have 4 options to vote in person in the Provincial election: 

1) On Election Day 

2) Advance Voting 

3) Vote at the Returning Office 

4) Mobile Voting

You can also vote by mail. 

Read more about each voting option on the Elections Alberta website!

Next Municipal Election: Fall of 2025

The Municipality of Jasper website, in the Government section, will provide information about local elections. This includes:

  • location of polling stations, 
  • advance polls, 
  • times to vote, 
  • opportunities to meet candidates

First time voting?

Here are some common tips about voting in Canada: 

You need a Voter Information card

Marking the Ballot

Advance Poll and Special Ballot

On Election Day

If your information is in the National Register of Electors, you will receive a voter information card. This tells you that your name is on the voters list and when and where to vote.

You will be asked to go behind a screen to mark your ballot. Mark an “X” in the circle next to the name of the candidate of your choice.

If you cannot vote on Election Day, you can vote at the advance polls or by special ballot. Dates and locations for advance polls are on your voter information card. 

Go to your local polling station to vote. Polling station information is on your voter information card. The poll officials at the polling station will confirm you are on the voters list by asking you your name and address. You must bring identification with you to prove your identity. Then, you will be given a ballot.

You did not get a Voter information card?

Voting is secret

The Ballot Box

The Election Results

If you do not get a voter information card in the mail, call your local elections office at 1-866-720-2250, Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868 or go to the Elections Canada Website Your vote is a secret. Once you make your choice and mark the ballot, fold it and give it to the poll officials.The poll official will tear off the counterfoil and hand you back the ballot for you to put in the ballot box.When the voting is over, every ballot is counted, and the results are made public. You can see the results on television or on the Elections Canada website.