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Property Taxes

Property taxes provide funding for municipal services and infrastructure, including emergency services, roads, recreation facilities, playgrounds, etc. The cost of delivering those services at a level determined by Council form the basis of each year's budget.Property owners pay an annual property tax based on their property’s assessed value. Assessment notices are mailed to each property owner in March of each year; tax notices are mailed in June.

How do I pay my taxes?

  • In person at the Administration Office front desk, located at 303 Pyramid Lake Rd.
  • Online via your banking institution, using your municipal tax bill account number;
  • Through our preauthorized payment plan.

More Information

Please contact Director of Finance and Administration Natasha Malenchak at or by phone at 780-852-6511.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. When are my taxes due?

Taxes are due no later than midnight on July 15 of every year. Beginning July 16, unpaid taxes are subject to penalty.

2. How does the Municipality of Jasper determine how much to collect in taxes?

The Municipality of Jasper is required by provincial law to collect Alberta Education Tax in the amount set by the provincial government. Each year, the Municipality of Jasper contributes to the Evergreen Foundation to help provide seniors’ housing in our region.

3. How tax rates are calculated?

The tax rate is determined by the total taxes which must be collected divided by total assessed value of properties.

4. Do residential and commercial taxpayers pay at the same rate?

No, for the Municipal and Evergreens portion of the taxes collected, Jasper has a commercial/residential tax split of 5:1. This means that if a residential taxpayer was paying $1.00 per $1,000 of property value for municipal taxes, a commercial taxpayer would pay $5.00

Commercial and residential education tax rates are also different. The Province of Alberta determines the commercial and residential rates for Alberta Education Tax.

5. Are in-town and out-of-town tax rates the same?

No, out-of-town taxpayers pay municipal taxes only for the services provided outside the town boundary by the Municipality of Jasper. These include contributions to Community and Family Services, Culture and Recreation, and the Jasper Library. Out-of-town tax rates for Alberta Education Tax and for the Evergreen’s Foundation contribution are the same as in-town rates.

6. How are assessments calculated?

Each year, Alberta municipalities are required by provincial law to retain an assessment firm to establish assessment values for taxation purposes.

7. What factors are used to calculate assessments?

Assessment values are established on the basis of: historical sales prices, income information (for commercial properties), improvements (additions or deletions to the property since the last assessment), and property zoning and use.

8. What do I do if I disagree with my property assessment?

If you disagree with the amount of your property assessment, you can appeal to the Assessment Review Board. An application for assessment appeal is enclosed with your tax notice, available on the municipal website, or can be picked up at the Town Administration Office. To download an application, visit the Assessment Complaint page.