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Free Spaces to Explore

There are many low cost or free things to do in Jasper, no matter the season! 

Summer Activities

Check out some free activities to do within or close to the Jasper townsite. 

Hang out at the “Patch” 

The Parks Canada Information Centre lawn is locally known as “the Patch”. It’s a great spot to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Jasper Community. In the summer, you're likely to see someone slack lining, enjoying ice cream or playing other lawn games!

Hike, walk, or bike near town: 

There are many trails accessible from town that you can walk or bike. Download an app with a GPS trail map so you don’t get lost on the trails. Read more about trail safety from Parks Canada.    

  • Town Trail to Bighorn alley: this trail wraps around the Town of Jasper and has very little elevation gain until you get to the Big Horn Alley trail which heads east out of town towards the Maligne Lake road. 
  • Trails on the bench. The “Bench” is the large forested area on the North side of town. Various trailheads are along Bonhomme and Cabin Creek, and there are signs outlining the different trails you may walk. As a starter, Trail 3E from the Cabin Creek trailhead is a relaxed 2km loop with a bit of elevation gain and nice views. 
  • Old Fort Point: Hiking up old fort point provides access to great views of town and the Ice Fields Parkway. IF you’re not up for the elevation gain, you can access many nice trails along the river from the Old Fort Parking Lot.  
  • Lac Beauvert Loop: Lake Beautvert can be accessed from the Old Fort Road or from Jasper Park Lodge. The 5km loop is relatively easy and has fantastic views. 
  • Trail 12a RockWall – You can walk south through the lights in town down the Wapititi Trail (93a) until you cross the Miette River. After the Miette river there are various trails on the left that funnel into Trail 12a the “Rock Wall”. This trail runs alongside the river and the whole loop is around 5km.

Lake spots: 

The following lakes are great to visit on a hot day!

Walking/Biking distance: 

Lake Annette: 1.5 hour walk, 35 minute bike ride

Patricia Lake: 1 hour 10 minute walk, 25 minute bike ride 

Pyramid Lake: 1.5 hour walk, 30 minute bike ride

Edith Lake: 1 hour 13 min walk, 18 minute bike ride

More Things to do:

Check out Parks Canada list of what to do in the National Park: Things to do - Jasper National Park (

What’s Happening in Jasper? 

Check out the Community Calendar to stay up to date on events, programs and activities happening in Jasper. You can view and submit your own events too! 

Learn more about life in Jasper from the Community Guide (Coming soon!) and through the Information and Resources hub on our website. 

Winter activities

Robson Park

Robson Park has firepits and an iceskating rink in the winter provided by the Municipality. You can find Robson Park in front of the library.

Snapes Hill

Snapes Hill is popular spot for tobogganing in the wintertime. It is located between Lodgepole Street and Patricia Street.


You can go skating at the Arena in the activity centre, at Pyramid Lake or on Lake Beauver by Jasper Park Lodge. Check out the Jasper Wild Ice facebook group for more places and safety tips.

Cross Country Skiing

There are many trails close to town to cross country ski, including Whistler’s campground and Pyramid Lake Road.