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Reducing and diverting waste from the landfill is a collaborative effort. Together, we can create a successful recycling and composting program. 

On this page, you’ll find updated information about how to recycle and compost in Jasper. If residents use the recycling bins and compost bins properly, the Municipality can process the materials successfully. 

It’s a team effort!

Composting Locations

Kitchen compost bins are located beside most residential waste bins in Jasper. Both of the community recycling depots (Activity Centre and Stand Wright Industrial Park) also have compost bins.

How can we have a successful compost program?

Good compost starts with how the compost materials enter the bin, which is the resident’s responsibility. The infographic below explains what can and cannot be composted: 

  What can Go in the compost Bin? 

Fruit and vegetable waste

*Make sure to remove plastic stickers from fruit and any other non-organic materials.

Egg shells

Coffee grounds and filters


Meat and bone scraps

These items are animal attractants and must go in the garbage.

Coal ash

Grass and yard waste

Leave yard waste at either recycling depots and we will add as much as we can to our compost

Compostable bags / containers

These items require a certain temperature and condition to break down. We do not have the capacity to do this in Jasper so these items must go in the garbage (or recycling if applicable).

Chemicals or cleaners

Pet droppings

Plastic bags, cups, dishes, mugs, cutlery


It is essential that you do not put any form of plastic in the compost bins – if you collect your compost in a plastic or compostable bag, empty the bag into the compost and put the bag into the garbage.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Why should I bother composting?

A: In previous years, the compost program has not been used or operated as well as it can be.

We are limiting what we accept into the compost so that what we do get, can be processed into useful compost! 

Composting is important! In the landfill, organic material, like food waste, does not turn into soil or compost. When in a landfill, organic materials create more aggressive and harmful greenhouse gases. We can prevent greenhouse gases by having a successful compost program. 

A successful compost program will also produce soil that can be used for gardens and food growing opportunities right here in Jasper! 

Q: Can I put meat in the compost?

A: No, it is an animal attractant. 

Q: Can I put yard-waste in the compost?

A: No. We collect yard waste at either recycling depot and we will add it into our compost as we go. We need to ensure a balance of food waste to yard waste for a successful compost program.

Q: What should I do with pizza boxes or other food boxes? 

A: Pizza boxes that are clean and with minimal grease or food scraps can be placed in the cardboard recycling. If there is a lot of grease or food, it needs to go into the garbage. 

Q: Can I put compostable materials (like take out containers etc) into the compost?

A: Unfortunately not. Those ‘compostable’ containers require high heat and special conditions to break down. We do not have the proper facility in Jasper to process compostable containers or bags. Clean containers without food remnants and grease can be put into the cardboard recycling. Otherwise, they go in the garbage. 

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