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Mayor's Office

Each year, our community of less than 5,000 people hosts some 2 million visitors from Canada and around the world. We're proud of our community. Our residents have committed in the Jasper Town Vision Statement to Jasper remaining a “…small, friendly community… set in the natural splendor of Jasper National Park.” We're a community which values and promotes controlled growth, quality services, and environmental integrity.

The Vision Statement commits our community to be “…a leader in sound environmental practices,” to “.. respect the inherent value of Jasper National Park,” and to accept and honour the special environmental responsibilities that fall to us as park residents.

The town of Jasper is also our home. It’s where we raise our families, where our children go to school, where our seniors retire. We have softball leagues, swimming teams, curling leagues, old-timer’s hockey, kids gymnastics and all of the dozens of other activities that form the fabric of vibrant and living communities all across Canada.

We’re proud of our community facilities, too: our museum, parks, swimming pool and recreation complex. Tour our website for information about what to do and where to go in Jasper.

Tourism is an important focus for our local economy. We value our visitors and we work hard to make them welcome. I know you will enjoy your visit to Jasper and your time with us.

Thank you for choosing Jasper.

Richard Ireland
Municipality of Jasper