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Newcomer Challenges

Living in Jasper is awesome for many reasons, but there are challenges to living here.

People in Jasper face increased barriers based on complex factors like:

  • Income
  • Background
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexual identity
  • Language skills

Newcomers to Canada, and newcomers to Jasper, experience challenges to a larger degree. It is important for employers and residents to be aware of these challenges and try to remove barriers.

The Newcomer Survey 2022

In spring of 2022, the Jasper Local Immigration Partnership conducted a Newcomer Survey to better understand the needs of our vibrant newcomers. We are still collecting the data, but you can read about a few below.

The challenge: Housing 

Housing is an issue that many people in Jasper face. In Jasper, one way to find secure housing is through word of mouth and getting to know the community. If you are new to Jasper, it’s more difficult to get to know the community and find housing opportunities.  

Your support role:

  • Go out of your way to be aware of newcomer staff, friends or acquaintances who need housing
  • Stay aware of housing opportunities and try to connect newcomers to these opportunities
  • Give a good recommendation for a newcomer searching for housing 
  • Consider renting out an empty room or space in your home 
  • If you are an employer, support new employees in their search for housing
  • If you are an employer who provides housing, be aware of the power you hold and make sure to abide by all Tenant laws and regulations, regardless of your position as a person's employer
  • Check out the Housing page to learn more about housing opportunities in Jasper and how newcomers can secure housing
  • If you know of someone in need of immediate shelter, direct them to Community Outreach Services for help

The challenge: Not be able to find a job that relates to their education or experience 

When people move to Canada, they often struggle to have their former experience or education accredited or valued. This limits the professional opportunities they have access to.

Your Support Role:

  • Write job postings in a way that removes barriers to newcomers and attracts the best talent to your team. Learn more from the Hiring Tools page.
  • Avoid requirements of “previous Canadian experience” to hire new talent. This requirement can be a form of discrimination.
  • Refer newcomers to Settlement Services or Jasper Employment and Education Centre to have their education accredited or to develop their skills. 
  • Offer professional development and skill-building opportunities within your organization.
  • Consider promoting your newcomer staff and train them for new positions. Support them in building the skills necessary to take on more responsibility.
  • The Town of Jasper supports a diverse workforce and offers competitive wages and benefits. Take a look at current job openings and send  a newcomer that may be interested!

Find more tools and resources that support to newcomers here!