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Wildflowers Childcare

Who is this program for?

Children from birth age to school age.

What happens at Early Learning and Care? 

We provide a play-based space for all areas of early learning.

This includes daily outside times and various activities. Playing is learning at any age!

How does the admission process work?

  1. Place your child on the wait list: Wait List Form (PDF).
  2. Your child will be offered a space when there is availability.
  3. Parents or guardians complete and return the application package and parent handbook.
  4. Parents or guardians will come for at least 2 visits to learn about the space. Staff and families can review all policies and procedure.

Forms & Applications

How do you place your child on the wait list?  

  • Fill out the Wait List Form (PDF) and submit it with a non-refundable $50 deposit to Wildflowers Childcare. 
  • Once your child is in daycare, we will deduct the $50 fee from the first month's childcare fees. If you choose not to use childcare, the wait list fee will not be refunded.

Due to a long waitlist, we suggest you put your child's name on the waitlist as soon as possible.


How much does Early Learning and Care cost?

Download the Wildflowers Fees document to learn about the costs of childcare.

Wildflowers childcare and Out of School Care operate on a pre-booking basis. 

Parents or guardians must give staff a minimum 30 days written notice of termination when they no longer require their spot. If you do not give notice, you will be charged a one-month penalty equal to the current full-time fee. 

Payment Process 

You will be invoiced for fees at the beginning of the month and fees are due within 30 days of the invoice date. 

You can make payments online, by filling out the pre-authorized credit card payment form. You can also pay at the town administration office, located in the Activity Centre. The office is open Monday- Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM (closed for lunch).

Alberta Childcare Subsidy

This subsidy is available for qualifying families. For more information and to apply,  visit the Childcare Subsidy page. If you would like help, contact Community Outreach Services (COS) at 780-852-2100. They can assist you with the process.

Calculating Costs

Parents are provided with calendars to fill out every month. Full time children are not required to complete the calendar each month unless there are changes in daily attendance or they are going on vacation.

These calendars show what each child's care requirements are for that month and they help to calculate an amount owing for those in a shared space situation. Read the space sharing contract form for more information.


Instructions: If you're filling out a calendar via web, and wish to email it in, please make sure to save the file (with your child's information) and then re-attached the file to an email.

What to Bring

  • Diapers & Wipes
  • Bottles if needed
  • Water bottle or sippy cup
  • Formula or milk (if needed)
  • Change of clothing (especially if your child is toilet training)
  • Indoor shoes with rubber soles
  • Comfort items or Sleep time necessities (special blanket, teddy, and soother)
  • Any other items such as diaper cream, skin lotion etc.

Season specific items:

In the summer: rain wear and a sun protection (sunscreen and a hat).

In the winter: a toque, mittens, warm winter jacket, snow pants and warm winter boots.

*It is important to label all of your child's belongings*

In need of some funky labels? Check out Mabels Labels Fundraiser Link

Please note: Wildflowers Childcare agrees to use all due care with regard to a child's personal belongings. The Centre and staff will not, however, be held liable for any loss of or damage to clothing or other personal items.