Jasper Municipal Housing Corporation (JMHC)

Through a governance review of the Jasper Community Housing Corporation (JCHC), Jasper Municipal Council identified the need for an alternative governance structure for the JCHC to further housing development in Jasper. On August 15th, 2023 Council passed a resolution to establish a Municipally Controlled Corporation and create the Jasper Municipal Housing Corporation (JMHC).  

A municipally controlled corporation is a government-owned or government-controlled entity responsible for providing specific services or managing assets on behalf of a municipality. The Board of Directors plays a pivotal role in overseeing the corporation's operations, ensuring transparency, and making strategic decisions.  

With the establishment of the JMHC, the Municipality is now recruiting members to serve on the corporation’s inaugural Board of Directors. The JMHC Board of Directors will support the establishment of and start up of the corporation and work to advance the development of affordable housing in Jasper specifically through the construction of a 40 unit affordable housing apartment building on Connaught Drive. 

Organizational Structure 

The JMHC is a corporation wholly owned by the Municipality of Jasper and governed by Bylaws and a Unanimous Shareholders Agreement. The Municipality will appoint a Board of Directors to form the governing body of the corporation. As sole shareholder, the Municipality of Jasper retains the right to appoint and remove Directors. 

The Board of Directors will have 7 members, including 2 Municipal Councillors.

Administrative support will be provided by two positions; the CEO and the Treasurer. The CEO of the Corporation will be the Chief Administrative Officer of the Municipality of Jasper and the Treasurer will be the Municipality of Jasper Housing Coordinator.    

The municipally controlled corporation will at all times continue to be in alignment with the municipality's interests and community needs.   

The JMHC Board of Directors will direct the work of the corporation, and oversee development projects, keeping in mind the needs of the community and fiscal responsibilities to ensure successful business operations.