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Please contact Janet Schmidt at 780-852-6505 or by email at with any questions.

What is sewer main line flushing?

Sewer flushing is part of our annual maintenance program. 

Here is how the process works and what you can expect: 

  • the equipment uses high pressured water to clean the inside of our sewer mains
  • we vacuum debris from the manhole with a high-powered hose
  • air pressure is created inside the sewer pipe during the cleaning process 
  • afterwards, the air escapes through your house's plumbing vents
  • there may be gurgling and bubbling in the water lying in the trap of a toilet, sink or floor drain, or it may cause some water to splash out of the toilet bowl. 
  • low water in your drain and sinks can be easily fixed by running water into them once work in your area is complete